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The Benefits of Precision Engineering

Precision Engineering refers to the production of parts with low tolerances measured in microns, which are 1000th of a millimetre.

These machines or instruments will be able to maintain, measure, or move to a position with complete accuracy.

Precision engineering is an essential part of the production process in manufacturing, especially for industries such as aerospace, medical, automotive, etc.

Here we’ve highlighted some of the benefits of precision engineering:

Fast Production

Precision machines are much faster than those that require human control and are able to maintain quality throughout the machining process. This speed and quality ensures a fast turnaround time.

Reduce Waste

Thanks to the accuracy of precision engineering we see much less wastage that would have occurred to human error. This leads to savings and reduced production cost.

Producing Bespoke Pieces

Precision engineering is the only way to create completely accurate, complete parts. With it, bespoke pieces can be engineered with very fast turn over times, fitting the customers exact needs and requirements.

No Human Error Risks

Precision engineering eliminates a huge amount of human error. The machines used means they can function without supervision and minimal human monitoring. Human error increases material waste, labour and production costs, and lead times. None of which are an issue with precision engineering.

At Troy Manufacturing Group, we specialise in precision engineering, overlooking all stages of a project from design to quality control. If you have any enquiries or would like some more information, contact us at

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